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World Creativity & Innovation Day 2022

<![CDATA[World Creativity & Innovation Day is celebrated on the 21st of April. The theme for 2022 is COLLABORATION.

Creativity and innovation come from seeing and doing things differently from others which aid in proffering a solution.

Message from the CEO- Abdulkadir Suleiman

Today, we celebrate Creative people. People like you and people like us @ the Lab Whose curious minds are paving new ways for greater possibilities, regardless of the numerous nos, failed systems, and lack of funds.

We are doers, we go the extra mile to usher in new ideas; some bloom, some fail, but we know better- failure is never a reason to give up. Thank you for being Creative and Innovative. It is because of you that there is a day like this.

Share your creative and innovative story in the comment session using the following hashtags below. One last thing, have you heard of our upcoming Webinar? Register now and be a part of our ambassadors. 

#IAmCreative2022 #IAmInnovative2022 #IAmCollaborative #JDLab