Kafayat Hamza

Executive Assistant/Operations

Kafayat Hamza

Executive Assistant/Operations
Kafayat is an operations and executive assistant who is experienced public speaking, stakeholder engagements and communications. She is passionate about project management, client satisfaction and believes in optimizing team members and providing prompt feedback for stakeholders for a seamless service provision.
She is currently a Master’s Student of Development studies and in her free time she loves to read and hang out with like minded individuals.

Projects / Experience

1. Education Advocacy and Stakeholder engagement lead for Youth advocacy group in partnership with UNICEF. (2019)
2. Co-faciliator Grith Mentoring program Cohort 3 and 4. (2021 and 2022)
3. Facilitator for the creation of women and youth led cooperative societies in Bobi, Niger State. (2020)
4. Supervisor for field activities Dazgom services (2022)
5. Curator’s assistant for TEDxMinna 2021.
6. JD LAB social media team (2022)
7. Host – International Day of Girls in ICT Instagram Live chat (2022)

Top Skills

2. Writing
3. Research
4. Public speaking
5. Project management