Epelle Cynthia Boma

Chief Core Internal Operations

Epelle Cynthia Boma

Chief Core Internal Operations
She is made up of various parts, a BSC holder in Psychology G& C, a content Creator, and a Poet. She has an interest in web design, fashion design, digital marketing and entertainment (music, acting, dancing). A lover of God, nature, books, and pastries.

Quote- “Good things don’t go to those who wait; it goes to those who worked while they waited”.

Would you love to know more about her? Shhhhhhh, I stole her social media handle just for you, click on it.

Projects / Experience

• She is the content creator for www.mottocare.com and www.jdlab.ng
• She was the coordinator for IBB University e-Training Institute Minna.
• Content developer for TechKnowkids website creation
• The team lead for TKK 2018 and 2019 competition
• A team member for Niger Chamber of Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture website development website creation

Top Skills

• Content Creator