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Louis Agbenyo

Finance & Management Accountant / Acting HR

Projects / Experience
  • Experience in the banking sector where he was a direct sales representative with sterling bank
  • He worked with the United bank of Africa as an operation staff where he served as a franchise teller and fund transfer officer.
  • Took voluntary financial education role, directed training for Phedge volunteers employees.
    I was part of the team that drove and implemented project 1 million with sterling bank plc in 2016.
    Serve as accounting liaison with the marketing/sales department of sterling bank plc minna to collect information and provide more detailed report and reduce discrepancies.
    Head teller with UBA plc minna teaching company’s work practices and policies that increased productivity by 20% and reduced complains.
Top Skills

– Proficiency in accounting software
– Ability to prepare financial statement
– Knowledge of general business practices
– Ability to analyze data
– Critical thinking skills
– Written and verbal communication skills
– Organizational skills