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In The Lab with Abdul Hauwawu

Abdul Hauwawu joined the “People Of The Lab” in 2019  as a Corper through the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) program.

The NYSC program is for 12 months but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic she spent 6 months at the Lab

A 3-day training of MDAs ICT Desk Officers on Niger State Web Portal

What did you do at the Lab?

I was the “face of the company” as we like to call it at the Lab – the front desk officer. As the front desk officer I learned about accounting in ways l never knew accounting. The first 2 weeks was somewhat slow going through the induction, reading the culture book, and just looking at the ceiling.

And when the induction was over, they made the transition enjoyable and l realized the importance of the induction when work began.

I was paired to a mentor who l report to: she pointed out my errors and was always available to guide me.

It was helpful having someone you could ask a million questions and be open about your flaws and get praised for your little wins.

Overall, Everyone I worked alongside were all genuinely passionate and were always willing to give a helping hand whenever I was stumped.
I sincerely thank everyone at the Lab for giving me an incredible experience though it was short due to COVID- 19.

What was your biggest challenge?

Proximity to get lunch was my only challenge.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of applying as an intern?

JD Lab is one of the outstanding tech companies in Minna. Her Creative and professional attributes are top-notch. Undergraduates, graduates, can learn a lot which range from skills to business ideas and starting up a business.

JD Lab Is the best place to learn and grow. So if you need a place for your SIWES or want to be an intern kindly register using the link below.



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