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Day 1 Capacity Building/ Website Upgrade for COE Minna MicroFinance Bank.

Time and technology share one similarity, they wait for no one.  They keep moving regardless of who is left behind. When technology Change the face of the world, we ought not to judge the world for moving forward, but ask ourselves “why are we still left behind?”.

Because learning never ends, we all have to task ourselves to meet up with time and technology, COE Microfinance Bank Minna, asked herself a question that brought an upgrade to her website and knowledge of digital marketing strategy.

 Determined to learn, passionate to grow and hungry for the best, they hired JD Lab for her website upgrade and capacity building on Digital Marketing Strategy.

The upgrade features include;

  • Live chat support
  • Post sharing
  • Email Marketing/Subscription.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integration of YouTube
  • Security
  • Facebook comment box.
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