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Be Smart but Work Hard

You must have heard people say, “work smart don’t work hard”, and in other to mislead others, they use truck pushers as an example. I don’t agree with them. No matter how smart you think you are, you need to work hard.

Hard work and smart work are tools to complete a project. Hard work is the use of ‘physical strength’ and smart work is the use of ‘mental strength’.

Hard work may mean you need to start early, stay up late, working without pay to develop your skills or to be informed. All of these are hard work too; you don’t need to be a truck pusher to be called “a hard worker”.

You must have heard the adage “hard work beats talent when talent does not work” if working hard was not needed then you won’t agree with me that the adage is correct. Then why be among the group that condemns hard work for smart work.

You can work hard but fail to incorporate those ideas and creativity that makes you stand out (smart work). You may know people who worked hard, probable had 2 jobs but aren’t successful, smart work is the missing ingredient. That is why its right to say truck pusher are hard workers because they make use of their physical strength alone.

And remember some people work just to have enough to be comfortable while others work to be wealthy.

There is no letdown rule on how to be smart, but 3 steps are listed below that could aid in getting results.

  • From physical to creative work- smart work isn’t a means to get the job done on time, it’s also a process of using one’s creativity in other to produce a better and most loved product.

N/B: seek new ways to get result

  • Time management skills- 24 hours is never enough; prioritize the important task and get the job done (no procrastination).
  • Deliver Value- in other to make competitors irrelevant, organization are in search for innovative thinkers, who delivers fast and delivers the best.


With the increasing competition, one needs to seek for better ways to get their products sold and get more clients. An organization or individual who incorporate working smart and hard, will achieve greater things than one who just works hard.

It shouldn’t be “Work Smart, not Hard”; it should be “Think Smart, Work Hard”.

Thank You

Team JD Lab