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8 Reasons Why Team Fail

Each year, organizations around the world face certain set back, while some scale through some send her entire staff home to be counted as unemployed. Teams are vital to any organization, their strength lies in the ability to creatively and effectively deal with challenges. Their failure leads to the failure of the organization as a whole.

So why do some teams fail while others prevail? It’s a very important question to ask, for your curiosity, 8 reasons are listed below;

Lack of resources

The one thing that makes a team fail faster is “lack of resources”. This is the fault of the organization. For instance, power. Power is essential for any kind of job you name, you sell soft drinks, you need power, you photocopy, and you need power. So power is of the essence not excluding other equipment that would yield productivity. It is impossible to be productive when the right equipment are lacking, moral and commitments vanishes. Hence, organizations should provide the needed resources.

N/B: Remember to cross on the other side of a river, you need a boat likewise if you want your vision actualized you provide the necessary resources.

Lack of Goals/ Project Timeline

Every organization has a goal; it could be long term or short term goal. In other to achieve the short/long term goal, the goal should be separated into weekly/monthly task. Goals that have been achieved took months/ years of building up the little parts that eventually made the whole.

Each department should have a weekly or monthly goal and should be effectively communicated to member of the department (team). Everyone should be given a deadline. Everyone has a job he /she is working on, but how long do they work on the task? Productivity should be key; when everyone knows the goal of the week/month they work towards achieving the goal.

N/B: A good leader outlines the strategy and charts to reach the goal.

Failure to See the Big Picture

People need their status changed from unemployed to employed and it is impossible for everyone to clearly see or understand your vision (the big picture). They would definitely know enough to tell their friends and family about where they work but only the founder knows what he wants and the level he wants to be. Some employee use the phrase “I can’t come and kill myself”, “working tirelessly to make another man rich and be sacked one day”. They work for the pay and not the growth of the team.

Lack of Passion

You’ve heard people say they hate their jobs, but they wake up, get dressed for the same job. Many teams fail because they work with a grudge and it will be seen in their works. Probably the pay is low, or they hate their boss or whatever reason it may be they won’t discover new information and approaches, and pick up new skills and techniques that would help the team because they hate the job.

Lack of Team Experience

It may seem annoying and hilarious when company adverts reads 5 /10 years working experience. Organizations have zero intention of looking down on fresh graduates but they need qualified hands. Please be frank, will you employ a first class graduate and make him a leader of a pressing task (no experience on the job, can’t handle the pressure from work) and no time to learn on the job? Every company needs employees with prior working experience in other to be productive and to remain afloat.

N/B: As a team leader, you should fix weak links to protect your team’s synergy.

Lack of Team Motivation

Despite job experience, without motivation (intrinsic or extrinsic) there is no success in life. Working condition, nonpayment of overtime etc can lead to low motivation and when there is no motivation less work is accomplished. When they are highly motivated, they will do everything possible to achieve targeted goals.

When the Leader of a Team is No More

It is true no one is indispensable, but when a team leader leaves unceremoniously (death, resigned, disappeared) the team gets affected. For instance, the leader of a major project that would increase the company’s net worth suddenly disappears. It would take awhile for everyone to digest the situation, get a replacement, new project timeline and quality time and money will be wasted.

Inability to Fix the Right Person to the Right Role

Everyone on a team has a role to play, and every role plays its part in contributing to the larger picture.” But a wrong person can wreak the business. People who can see the invisible can do the impossible.” So when the right person is placed according to his strength. They tend to do the impossible.

N/B: Every person has certain strengths. To produce the outcome you want as a leader, place the right person in the right team position.


In the 17th indisputable law of team work by John .C. Maxwell, the law of the catalyst state; A team has a natural tendency to slow down, lose its focus, vision or key people. The head of the business should know this would happen at some point; this shouldn’t tear down the business. At this point the team needs someone who can re-energize it. Teams need a bold leader, who have energy and who can motivate others because they are most likely to achieve results. The path isn’t always easy.


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